Miniature Disneyland Train

I just completed another miniature stainless-steel sculpture that is Disney-themed, in celebration of our recent vacation in Orlando, Florida at Disney World.  This time I decided to construct a miniature Disney Railroad steam engine, like the one we rode on at Disney World.

This sculpture took me about 6 hours to complete.

Magical Carriage

Last weekend I spent about 6 hours between Saturday and Sunday building another Disney-themed Metal Earth stainless steel sculpture kit.  This time it’s the Cinderella Carriage.

This kit was a little more difficult than the one I tackled last weekend, the Mickey Mouse Ferris wheel, because of all the very delicate parts that had to be precisely bent and connected.  Especially difficult was the central carriage pod which had to be partially rounded and then connected to the base.  I used a large roll of wide masking tape to form the curvature of each section before joining them and attaching to the base.

The wheels were also challenging because the “tread” was not connected together but only to the wheel rims, so care had to be taken to make sure nothing looked too crooked when it was connected.

All in all this was a very enjoyable and challenging kit to build.  I look forward to the next one.

Building a miniature Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel


As a follow-up to my miniature Cinderella Castle, today I built the Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel from a Metal Earth kit to celebrate our recent vacation in Disney World.

Yes I know this ferris wheel is at Disneyland in California, but I wanted to build it anyway. :). The actual time for building this miniature ferris wheel was about 4 hours.

The finished model looks pretty good: