Finishing the Broken-Bonnet Highboy

Today I had some more time to finish the broken bonnet highboy piece that I started before the holidays.

To recount, I’m building a miniature Chippendale Broken Bonnet Highboy, which was popular during the early 1700’s in America.  Last time I finished the basic assembly of three sections of the highboy, the lowboy portion, the highboy portion, and the bonnet.  I had come up with some modifications on the original miniature kit by using dowels to secure the cabriole legs to the lowboy, and to eventually secure the three sections together after finishing.  I also finished final sanding of the pieces and applied end grain sealer and mahogany stain.

Today I completed applying the Van Dyke brown glaze stain and a final varnish.

Now I’m ready to assemble the sections into the final piece.  Before I do, though, I take some time to glue on the brass hardware on each drawer.  I use 2-part epoxy to glue on the tiny brass escutcheon plates and keyhole plates to some of the drawers.  After they are dry, I use a tiny drill to drill holes through the openings in the plates to insert tiny brass drawer pulls.  I use 2-part epoxy to secure the ends of the pulls in the drawer.

Finally the highboy is finished!

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