FSM Kit #155 – Landscaping and Final Detail

This weekend I had some time to conclude my work on the Fine Scale Miniatures kit #155, Old Time Coal Dock, that I’ve been building over the course of this year.

After laying the rails last time, this time it was landscaping and the installation of some final details.

I began by taping craft paper to the base with Frogtape to protect the wood work and areas of the base where I don’t want landscape material.  Then I sprayed coats of Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement and applied Highball real dirt and some other colors of Woodland Scenics ground foam.

After the initial mud was down under where the structure will sit, I glued the structure in place with wood glue into the wet landscaping on the base.

I used some Coastman’s forest floor debris and dead branch material here and there to make it look like the coal dock was near the woods.  I cut Coastman’s tree trunk  material with a hacksaw to create stumps that look like they were cut with an axe.   I “planted” these here and there around the structure using wood glue into the wet landscaping mud.

Then I applied ballast on the tracks and some coal which was Woodland Scenics Black Cinders around the dock where the crane is.

I let the landscaping dry overnight, then I scraped off the material from the rails and the ties so that they were exposed.  I applied a liberal coat of dark black India ink stain to the track and touched up the rails on the sides with Floquil Tarnished Black paint.

There were a few details to glue in now that the structure is on the landscaped base.  I started with gluing the support ladder on the left side of the structure with wood glue.  Then I added the two oil cans, one crushed, to the front of the structure using 2 part epoxy, and finally I added the sump pump with long pipe to the corner of the hopper structure.  I drilled a small hole in the pump base and glued the pump base and the long pipe into the hole using 2 part epoxy.

On the deck above where the pipe outlet is, I dabbed some 2 part epoxy and later painted on some Floquil Oily Black to represent water stains from the pipe on the deck.

The finished kit on the fully landscaped display base:

I built a plexiglass display case that fits on the base:

I created a video detailing my progress with the landscaping and final detailing.  I hope you enjoy.

PS.  Yes I know the original small ladder (the one in the front) is missing from my structure.  I built it and installed it later 🙂